S A S M I   W O R K    B O O T   B E N E F I T   I N T R O D U C T I O N

At SASMI, we've got your back. And your feet, too.


If you're in the Sheet Metal Industry, SASMI membership has always had it's benefits - benefits designed to assist sheet metal workers during periods of unemployment or underemployment — and that's still the case — but over the years, it has expanded to include even more benefits for members.

For 2023, we have added one more! Qualified members can now apply to get a pair of
USA-MADE, UNION-MADE, occupational safety work boots from the SASMI-approved
list of Thorogood (Wisconsin) or Carolina (Pennsylvania) footwear on this website.


With over 23,000 potential members to serve, SASMI plans to roll out the work boot benefit in a manageable and systematic fashion. Qualifying members will be notified via email when their application has been processed - the benefit will be delivered in the form of an unique SASMI coupon code (it acts like a boot voucher). Benefits will be awarded over an extended period of time. The wait will be worth it. So, if you qualify,
a great pair of USA-MADE, UNION-MADE, work boots are in your future!

IMPORTANT : The new SASMI member benefit is for ONE PAIR OF WORK BOOTS. Accessories or additional boots will not get processed/applied to the coupon code.

To bring this exciting new SASMI member benefit to life, we have formed an exclusive partnership with TheBootPros, doing business online as THEUNIONBOOTPRO. THEUNIONBOOTPRO has served over 150,000 labor union members and their safety footwear needs since 2008. Our SASMI members are in good hands.

IMPORTANT : Your SASMI coupon code CANNOT BE COMBINED with any other discount code or promotional code, including your membership in the Union Loyalty Rewards Club. If you are logged in as a ULR member, the SASMI coupon code will not work - therefore, you need to go back a couple steps - and log out from the homepage.

If you have your SASMI coupon code...  

LEARN MORE If you're a SASMI member and want to learn more about the work boot benefit program, please reach out to David Kumah, SASMI Member Services...


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